How are HAENER Block Structures made?

How does the strength of a Haener Block compare to that of a conventional concrete block?

The Engineering Research and Testing Report of the NCMA results show that the Haener Block wall is almost 10 times stronger in shear than allowables required for conventional block by the Codes.

In what sizes can Haener Block be manufactured?

The Haener Block can be manufactured in almost any combination of basic dimensions.

How are Doors, Windows and Columns Made?

By using only the blocks incorporated in the System, Haener Block can be used to construct windows, lintels on doors, and columns.

Must Haener Block be Solid Grouted?

Haener Block is the same as conventional block- local building codes must be referenced. If hollow conventional block is allowable, Haener Block need not be grouted solid.

Can Haener Block work with a non-solid grouted structure?

Yes. In a mortarless block wall which is not solid grouted, the joints have to be sealed by caulking or use of a sealant which can be sprayed or painted on the surface of the blocks. Many methods and products are on the market for this purpose. The conventional method of plastering can also be applied.

What about Insulation?

Haener insulation blocks can be made in an 8″ width, with insulation inserted into the cavities of the wall. With smaller widths, we advise that insulation be placed outside the wall which is then plastered.

An alternate method of achieving insulation is using two walls with a four inch air space between them.

How easy is it to build without prior experience?

Haener Block has been used extensively for years in California by do-it-yourself home and apartment owners with no prior masonry experience for everything from a barbecue to a room addition. In Mexico and Turkey, unskilled workers constructed their own houses.

At Folsom Prison in California, unskilled prison labor was used to construct well aligned, aesthetically pleasing fences and structures. In Arizona, a gaming casino was constructed using only one skilled mason. All other workers were unskilled local labor.

Approval of Building Codes

The uniform building codes were referenced at all stages of the design and tests were performed by the National Concrete Masonry Association Research and Development Laboratories in Chagrin Falls Ohio.