Often asked: How To Install Heated Floor Over Concrete?

Can you install heated floors on concrete?

You can install floor heating with your existing concrete floor or subfloor. If you already have a polished concrete floor, you may be able to fit insulation and a low-profile electric floor heater before adding a new layer of leveling compound and a polished concrete overlay.

Can you put underfloor heating on top of concrete floor?

Underfloor heating can be fitted in both concrete and timber suspended floors, but for other floor constructions (for example we also offer a ‘floating floor‘ solution) please contact us.

How do you install electric heated floors on concrete?

  1. Measure and Design the Template. Electric radiant heating systems use wires embedded in a mat laid right on your concrete.
  2. Prepare the Floor and Mat. Make sure your concrete has completely cured before you lay down your in-floor heating mat.
  3. Fit the Mat.
  4. Install the Mat.
  5. Finished Flooring.
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How do you prepare a concrete floor for underfloor heating?

How to prepare your floor for underfloor heating

  1. Clean the area of all debris and dirt.
  2. Fit the insulation boards neatly and stable ideally with all gaps and joints taped.
  3. If using liquid screed, a membrane of between 500 and 1000 gauge must be laid as crease/fold free as possible with all joints taped and no gaps.

Does a heated floor heat the room?

Radiant floor heating keeps rooms warm, doesn’t make any noise and it’s energy efficient. You can heat all of your house or supplement just a room or two. With a radiant heat floor, the warmth rises evenly from below, so the temperature of the room is uniform from top to bottom — and your tootsies never get cold.

How do you heat a basement concrete floor?

Basement floor radiant heating systems are installed above the concrete slab subfloor and below a finished floor. Above-floor systems use grooved wood panels installed beneath the finished floor. PEX tubing is placed inside the panel grooves, setting flush with the panel surface.

Can you retrofit radiant floor heating?

Generally, electric radiant heating—either cables installed in the floor or thin mats of resistance wire mounted on fiberglass netting—is retrofitted in single rooms rather than whole homes. It’s faster and less expensive to install, and it makes a good retrofit for a bathroom, say, or a small dressing room.

How expensive is Warmboard?

Warmboard: High initial cost ($14,000 just for the Warmboard on our first floor).

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Do you have to dig up floor for underfloor heating?

Fitting underfloor heating in timber suspended floors is very easy. The floorboards need to be removed in order to allow access to the space between the joists.

What depth is required for underfloor heating?

The minimum screed thickness you should use for warm water underfloor heating systems is: Minimum depth of 65mm for hand-mixed screed. Minimum depth of 50mm for liquid screed.

How do you insulate a concrete floor?

Insulation above a concrete floor

Lay the damp proof membrane onto the concrete, followed by the insulation. Then lay moisture-resistant chipboard, or a concrete screed to the top, which can then be covered by the flooring to finish.

Are heated concrete floors expensive?

all the way up to $30 per sq. ft.) and the heating system for a heated concrete floor would be between $8 and $16 per sq. If you’d like to hire a professional to install the floor heating system beneath a flooring material, there may be a surcharge since installing floor heating typically requires a few extra steps.

How does heated concrete floor work?

The science behind radiant floor heating is quite simple: Tubes that circulate hot water or electrical heating elements are installed in the concrete slab when it’s poured, turning the thermal mass of the concrete into an inconspicuous radiator of warm, even heat.

Can you put heated floor in basement?

By installing radiant floor heating in a basement, you can maximize the potential of this overlooked space by turning it into a large and cozy family room or workspace. A floor heated basement can double your living space.

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