Versatile & Easy to Use

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1) Single cores are positioned to allow uninterrupted vertical flow for concrete, grout and rebar.

2) Height control is assured.

3) Flush joint block provides a smooth face for surface bonding.

4) Interlocking nubs and tongue and groove head joints help position each block in a perfect running bond.

5) When required, preformed recesses position rebar exactly both horizontal and vertical.

6) Available in 6″, 8″ and 12” widths.

Self-aligning lugs and dove-tail molded in the block locks them together without mortar, and recesses in the block allows rebar to be placed vertically and horizontally.

Saving time means making money!

You need mortar to lay the first course only. After that it is straight and level, you simply dry stack the corner, half and stretcher blocks to produce a finished wall. No mortar between courses or between head joints.

All weather construction

Dry stacking can be done when the weather is too hot, too cold and too wet for other types of construction and it is much faster and easier.

Strength and durability

Haener Block is concrete block that meets or exceeds the structural properties of conventional concrete blocks.

Think of it as a superform!

When reinforcing is required, rebar is positioned by simply placing it in the preformed recesses or lowering into the core.

Just pour the grout

After the cores are poured solid, no stripping, hauling or maintaining of expensive forms are necessary.

Approved and tested

Structural characteristics of the Haener Interlocking Mortarless Block System, National Concrete Masonry Association Research, Development Laboratory, Hemdon, and Virginia U.S.A..

A better way to build

  • With no trowel, both hands can be used to speed the work
  • Mortar may be used only for the first course to get a straight and level base
  • Semi-skilled, unskilled or do-it-yourself labor can lay Haener Blocks
  • Window and door openings are easier to build than with conventional blocks.
  • No costly heavy equipment is needed on the building site
  • Grouting can be pumped after dry stacking to a safe height
  • Comprises a concrete forming system with no expensive concrete forms
  • Insulation materials can be used as required
  • Dry stacking of blocks is weather nondependent

House being built by future homeowner in Mexico at a Habitat for Humanity project.