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"Home in a Day"
event in Napa features Haener Block

(Walls erected in 3 hours with unskilled workers)

Napa California, June 3rd, 2003 – Haener Block demonstrated by building a solid block home in a single day using simple tools and unskilled labor.

"We wanted to simulate how low cost housing is often built in 3rd world countries using unskilled laborers and at- hand equipment and materials." said Ron Shepersky, a Napa general contractor and customer of Haener Block.

Ron Shepersky in front of 1 day Haener Home Juan Haener, President inspects the progress

The completed Haener Home was an 850 sq. ft. two bedroom house with 8 ft. high solid block interior and exterior walls. Installation of electrical and plumbing was demonstrated but not completed for the event, and the foundation was poured in advance.

The eight foot exterior and interior walls were constructed in just three hours by five unskilled workers in Napa, California on June 3, 2003.

"Even I was impressed with the speed of construction" said Shepersky, "we completed the first 4 feet of the interior and exterior walls in under an hour. And that was using 2 day laborers and two 40 something marketing guys at Haener Block. The walls were completed in 3 hours total, using simple tools like saw-horse-and-plank scaffolding."

Larry Bouchard, a Haener Block business development manager was clocked laying 10 blocks a minute, more than 10 times the speed of laying conventional block. "This was my first time actually building with Haener Block. But watching myself and 3 other neophytes build the walls for this house in just 3 hours was an amazing experience." said Mr. Bouchard. "It makes you wonder how anyone could consider building with conventional blocks anymore."


Robert Shepersky, a Napa general contractor, carried out this experiment to illustrate superior cost simplicity and strength of Haener Block for low cost housing. Haener Block, the mortarless, interlocking, self-aligning block system was invented by Dr. Juan Haener, world renown physicist. The blocks used for this project were supplied by Mission Concrete Products of San Jose.

Haener block is licensed in 20 countries The Mexican licensee plans to build 17,000 houses in Puebla, Mexico. According to tests by the National Concrete Masonry Association, the Haener block is ten times stronger in shear strength than a mortared block since the weakest part of the structure is the mortar.

Haener has an insulated block and, for withstanding hurricanes and earthquakes, a footer block and interlocking pilaster.

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