Making Haener Block

Unlike other interlocking block systems there are only two blocks: the combination stretcher-corner-end block and the half block. Only one mold is necessary! All the mold cavities make the combination stretcher-corner block, and when needed, one of the cavities is equipped with an insert for making half blocks.

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Haener Interlocking Block System is:

  • Manufactured with no added cost to the block maker
  • Produced on conventional block machines without alterations to the machine or production equipment.
  • Manufactured using standard pallets
  • Produced in any conventional block width or length

With the HAENER TWO BLOCK SYSTEM, only one mold is needed. All mold cavities make the combination stretcher-corner-end block. As needed one of the cavities can be equipped with an insert for making 2 half blocks per cycle.

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