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Ease of use, project speed and structural integrity utilizing local labor and materials, make Haener Block the most universal and economical solution for the world’s urgent housing needs.

1- Faster construction
Haener Block easily locks in place without mortar, is self aligning, and can be stacked in place many times faster than conventional mortared block.

2- Unskilled Labor
A single mason can quickly train and supervise a group of unskilled
workers to build with the Haener Block System.

3- Ease of Use
The blocks are dry stacked, self-aligning, and interlocking, and can be used for both interior and exterior walls.

4- Universal Acceptance
Unlike many low cost building materials, concrete block is utilized and accepted around the world for its superior strength and aesthetics.

5- Lowest Cost Construction
  • Skilled and unskilled workers alike can stack Haener Block.
  • Little or no heavy equipment needed on the building site.
  • Job site clean up is minimized.
  • Lintels, columns, bond beams, window and door frames, are all constructed with Haener Block.
  • Manufactured at the same cost as conventional blocks.
  • Inventory on the building site is simplified.
  • Building, inventory and materials management are made easy with the Haener Block system.


6- All Weather Construction
The Haener System requires no mortar and is dry stacked into place, resulting in fewer days lost to inclement weather.

7- Local Materials Used
Haener block can be manufactured with the same material used locally for conventional block.

8- Can Be Insulated
There are multiple options for insulation with Haener Block - from Haener Block insulation inserts to panels or foam.


9- Hurricane/Earthquake Zones
Special Haener Block footing blocks and interlocking pilasters strengthen walls in earthquake and hurricane zones. In tests conducted by the U.S. National Concrete Masonry Association, Haener Block was ten times stronger in shear than the allowables required for conventional block.

10- Meets All Building Codes-
Haener Block meets the Uniform Building Code Standards No. 24-4 Grade N.

The simulated mortar joints bring the look of fine masonry to a Haener structure, and the blocks can be striated, face ground or split for a variety of exteriors.

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