Interlocking Mortarless System


The Patented Two Block Haener Mortarless Interlocking Insulating System is the newest innovation in mortarless systems.

With only two blocks, as compared to as many as seven in other systems, building is easier than ever. The two components are the combination stretcher-corner-end-block and the half block.

Labor cost is reduced as block laying is up to 10 times faster while the possibility for placement errors is virtually eliminated.

Unskilled workers can be taught to build with Haener Block on the job site with a minimum amount of training.

  • Can be made in split block and an interlocking, load bearing curved block for retaining walls and other specialty uses
  • Inventory is simplified, since there are only two components in the Two Block System
  • The ideal building system for low cost housing
  • Does not require use of heavy or costly machinery on the building site
  • Lintels and columns are made with the block