What Is A Keyway In Concrete?

What is the purpose of a keyway?

A keyway is a long slot cut into a component to accept a key that engages with a similar slot on a mating component so that the two components do not move against each other. If the key is not fitting properly in both the flywheel and crank shaft keyways, replace the key.

What is a keyway in construction?

A slot formed and poured on a footer or in a foundation wall when another wall will be installed at the slot location. This gives additional strength to the joint/meeting point.

What are keyways used for in concrete?

Keyway is used to create a control joint in concrete slabs which helps to eliminate cracking.

What does keyway mean?

1: a groove or channel for a key. 2: the aperture for the key in a lock having a flat metal key.

What is standard keyway size?

Imperial – Rectangular B.S. 46: PART 1: 1958

Nominal Shaft Diam Dimensions (Inches)
3 3 1/2 0.875 0.876
3 1/2 4 1.000 1.001
4 5 1.250 1.252
5 6 1.500 1.502

How do I know what size my keyway is?

The hub keyway is dimensioned by its width and depth on the shaft – keyway sides. Referencing Figure 1, the keyway dimension is W x T1.

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What is a keyway on a lock?

“Keyway” is the term for the shape of the interface between a lock and its key. The keyway is what prevents you from even beginning to push the wrong key into the wrong slot. If you have the right keyway but the wrong key, you can easily slide the key into the lock ¬≠but it won’t turn.

What is a keyway in grading?

Grading” means any excavation or filling or combination thereof. “Keyway” means an excavated trench into competent earth material beneath the toe of a proposed fill slope.

How is keyway made?

In order to cut blind keyways, shapers require users to pre-cut a “relief” at the end of the soon-to-be cut keyway. The relief allows metal chips to break. They can be formed by cutting an internal groove on the inside diameter for hubs or by pre-drilling a hole.

What is a Paracentric keyway?

paracentric. adj. 1. of or pertaining to a keyway with one or more wards on each side projecting beyond the vertical center line of the keyway to hinder picking 2.

What does C keyway mean?

Everest “C123” and other Everest “Ckeyway lock cylinders have a higher security lock mechanism. When the proper bitted Everest key is inserted into the Everest lock cylinder, the lip of the under cut groove lifts the check pin in the lock cylinder permitting the plug to be rotated.

What keyway does Kwikset use?

The new SC1 Keyway, compatible with most Kwikset® locks, brings significant benefits to both the consumer and B2B markets, which includes security dealers as well as professionals who purchase and utilize a large volume of mechanical locks (builders, remodelers, property owners and managers).

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