Readers ask: How Many Bags Of Quikrete In A Yard Of Concrete?

How many 80 pound bags of concrete does it take to make a yard?

how many 80lb bags of concrete are in a yard? You will need 45 bags of concrete mix to make a cubic yard of concrete. There’s 27 cubic feet of concrete in a cubic yard.

How many 80 pound bags of Quickcrete make a yard?

Each 80 pound bag yields 0.6 cubic feet. There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard. Thus, it requires 45 bags to yield 1 cubic yard.

How many 60 pound bags of concrete make a yard?

60 pound bag yields.017 cubic yards.

How much concrete does an 80 pound bag of quikrete make?

15 cubic feet for every 20 pounds of mix, so a 40-pound bag yields. 30 cubic feet, 60 pounds of concrete mix yields. 45 cubic feet and an 80pound bag yields. 60 cubic feet.

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How many bags of concrete do I need for a 10×20 slab?

A 60-pound bag yields. 017 cubic yards, and an 80-pound bag yields. 022 cubic yards. For a 10 x 10 slab, you would need 77 60-pound bags or 60 80-pound bags.

How many bags of concrete makes a yard?

On average, it will take 90 40lb bags, 60 60lb bags, or 45 80lb bags to fill one cubic yard of concrete.

How many square feet does a 80lb bag of quikrete cover?

4 sq feet in that amount of cement.

How many cubic feet are in a 80 pound bag of quikrete?

Each 80pound bag of QUIRKETE® Concrete Mix yields approximately 0.6 cubic feet. For an area of 3-1/2′ x 3-1/2′ by 4” thick, you will need 4 cubic feet of concrete or 7 bags, of 80pounds each. Yields will vary with waste, uneven subgrade, etc.

How many bags of concrete do I need for a post hole?

Mix two 50lb bags of concrete with water in a mixing tub or 5-gallon bucket. Add concrete into the hole and around the 4” x 4”. Depending on your climate, let concrete set up for 24 – 48 hours.

How many bags of cement do I need for 1 cubic yard?

Pure cement, sand and crushed rock all have about the same density, so a block of pure cement measuring 1 cubic yard of volume (about 3,600 pounds) will contain 45 bags of cement.

How much area does a yard of concrete cover?

One Cubic Yard of Concrete: 4-inches thick – covers 81 square feet.

How many cubic feet are in a 60 pound bag of concrete?

A 60 lb. bag provides 0.45 cubic feet of cured concrete. A 80 lb. bag provides 0.6 cubic feet of cured concrete.

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Can you pour concrete directly on dirt?

Long story short, yes you can pour concrete over dirt.

How many cubic feet is a 90 pound bag of quikrete?

Each 90 lb bag of QUIKRETE® Concrete Mix yields approximately 0.675 cu ft. For a 13′ x 23′ slab at 3” thick you will need 74-3/4 cubic feet of concrete, or 111 90-pound bags.

How much water do I add to a 60 lb bag of quikrete?

You need a half gallon or up to 4 pints (1.7 L) of water for a 60pound bag of concrete. That works out to about a pint for every 15 pounds of concrete.

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