Question: Replacing Fence Posts In Existing Concrete?

Can you reuse fence posts with concrete?

ARB1977. If the poles are out of the ground, hit the concrete with a sledge hammer a couple times and it comes right off. Some of those older poles are nice and heavy gauge (not like the thin ones sold now) and if not totally rusted are perfect to reuse.

How do you replace a wood fence post in concrete?

How do I replace a wooden fence post that was set in concrete?

  1. Dig out the concrete and re-do. It looks like it will be a difficult job but maybe the only solution.
  2. Use a repair kit (something like Metpost Repair). The problem with this is that I don’t think there is enough post in concrete for the repair kit to attach to.
  3. Place the post in another position.

How do you remove rotted fence posts from concrete?

11 Ways to Remove a Broken Fence Post

  1. Dig a trench next to the footing and tip the post out.
  2. Wrap a chain around the post and use a high lift jack to pull the post out.
  3. Screw lag bolts through a chain into the broken off fence post and then use a vehicle winch/come along/high lift jack to pull the post out.
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Should I replace fence posts?

Depending on how badly they are damaged, some fence posts will pull right out of the ground. If the wood crumbles in your hands or the rot or termite damage covers more than about 30% of the post, you will need to replace the entire post.

How do you remove old concrete footings?

Steps in Removing Concrete Deck Footings

Using a spade shovel manually excavate around the footing at least 3/4 the way around and at least 2/3rds of the length of the footing. Dig until you see the footing wiggle a bit. The more you dig the easier the footing will come out.

How do you keep wooden fence posts from rotting?

How You Can Protect Your Wooden Fence Posts From Rotting

  1. Choose Rot Resistant Wood. Fighting back against wood rot begins with the type of wood you choose for your fencing project.
  2. Dry the Fence Posts Out. Drying is an essential factor when it comes to avoiding rot.
  3. Apply Preservative to the Wooden Post.
  4. Start Digging.
  5. Fill Up the Hole.
  6. Finish Off.

What is a post puller?

An electric vehicle having a powered drum for handling wire rope used to pull mine props after coal has been removed; used for the recovery of the timber.

How do you straighten a concrete fence post without removing it?

The Fix-A-Fence Solution

  1. Step 1 – Prepare the Site.
  2. Step 2 – Prepare the Fix-a-Fence Kit.
  3. Step 3 – Position the Bracket in the Hole.
  4. Step 4 – Mix a 60lb Bag of Concrete.
  5. Step 5 – Fill the Hole with Concrete.
  6. Step 6 – Take a Break While the Concrete Cures.
  7. Step 7 – Reposition the Fence Post and Attach the Bracket.
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How often should you replace your fence?

As a property owner, it’s best to plan to replace your wooden fence every 10 years or so. Whether you require maintenance service or repairs, you can count on All Counties Fence and Supply for professional services and affordable rates.

How long should wood fence last?

The most commonly used wood types for fences are spruce, cedar and pine, so the longevity of your fence naturally depends on the type of wood it’s made from. Cedar may last for 15-30 years, spruce may last for 4-7 years and pine may last for 5-12 years.

How long does it take to replace fence?

How long should it take to install my fence? It depends on the size of the job, but most fences can be installed in one to three days. There is no reason to have to wait days or weeks between when the fence posts are installed, and when the rails, gates, and the rest of the job is completed.

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