Question: How To Level A Hot Tub On Uneven Concrete?

Can I use shims to level a hot tub?

You can absolutely shim a hot tub level. For many people, tearing up the patio/deck/concrete slab their hot tub lies on and replacing it with a level foundation is not a financial option. This is where shims come in handy. The majority of hot tubs come with shim points.

How do I level the ground for a hot tub?

Level the ground where you intend to place the hot tub by removing bumps and filling in holes. A tractor works well for this, but you can use a shovel and a hoe if you prefer. Remove any large rocks or other debris, and do not place the hot tub in an area where there are large tree roots above or near the surface.

Can you put a hot tub on a slope?

Spa Foundation

While it’s okay to have a slightly sloped pad (most patios are built to slope away from the house), there should be no dips, sags, or unevenness in the pad; particularly for above ground hot tubs. We recommend that there should be no more than a ½” to 1″ slope per 8′ run.

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What is best to put under a hot tub?

Now that you know why it’s so important to give your hot tub a base, let’s look at four of the best base and foundation ideas.

  • Gravel. With its low cost and ability to provide constant drainage, gravel is a popular choice with many hot tub owners.
  • Concrete/Cement.
  • Decking.
  • Pre-Made Base.

Does hot tub wiring need to be buried?

Q: Does Hot Tub Wiring Need to Be Buried? A: Burying the wires that run from the electrical breaker panel to your spa panel and from the spa panel to your spa is important. However, for your safety, you should avoid running the wires under your hot tub.

How much space do I need around a hot tub?

A hot tub for 5 – 6 adults will need a minimum of 250cm x 250 cm (8 feet 2 inches x 8 feet 2 inches). The hot tub itself will have a foot print of around 220cm x 220cm (7 feet 2 inches x 7 feet 2 inches) plus you will need clearance of between 1 and 2 feet (30 – 60cm) around the sides for access and maintenance.

How do you level ground?

To level ground, start by using strings attached to stakes set at the height where you would like the ground to sit to see how much dirt you will need to put down. Then, remove any existing grass from the area, and use a shovel to add an even layer of ground cover.

Do you tip hot tub installers?

In short, tipping has it’s place and should be used when appropriate. Bonnibell was doing “what was right” and I commend her for “taking care” of the delivery guys. If the service is good, offer them $20 (It’s usually just two guys so that is $10 each and should buy them lunch.

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How do you make a gravel hot tub pad?

How do you make a gravel pad for a hot tub?

  1. For step one, you should first measure your hot tub.
  2. Next, remove the grass from an area of your lawn large enough to hold your hot tub.
  3. Fill in your hole with the gravel of your choice.
  4. Finally, smooth out the surface of your gravel with a shovel or thick-bristled push broom.

Can you put a hot tub on a concrete slab?

Hot tubs do not have to sit on concrete. They can be placed on wooden decks, paver stones, gravel beds, or spa pads. Just don’t place a hot tub directly on the ground or on a wooden deck that was not built to support the weight of a fully-loaded hot tub.

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