Question: How To Cut Concrete Form Tubes?

How do you cut a sonotube?

What type of saw do I use to cut a Sonotube? A handheld circular or reciprocating saw is typically used. You can use a wide, flat band wrapped around the circumference to mark out a straight guideline to cut.

How do you remove forms from concrete tubing?

If forms are to be removed, do so within 24 hours. Cut the QUIK- TUBE™ with a sharp knife or power saw set to the correct cutting depth. Simply peel the form away from the concrete.

Are concrete form tubes reusable?

Made of 100% recyclable plastic, Geotubes plastic concrete form tubes are reusable for up to 100 castings. Tubes can be used for various applications in construction industry, including pouring concrete bases at bottom of light poles.

Do you leave sonotube in ground?

No, it’s not a problem to leave the Sonotube and its plastic “Square Foot” (like these) in the ground forever.

How long should a concrete pier cure?

Allow the concrete to cure for one day before constructing your deck or placing heavy weight on the footing (if standard concrete mix was used, wait about 3 days to begin construction).

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Can quikrete be used for foundation?

QUIKRETE® Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Mix offers increased resistance to cracking and chipping for slab foundations that will also serve as concrete floors in garages, tool sheds, and other work buildings. It is ideal for a foundation project requiring extra strength and fast completion.

Are Sonotubes necessary?

I also agree that you don’t need the sonotube. For what you’re doing it will only weaken the lateral strength. If your local soil keeps collapsing into the hole a sonotube would help with that. Also, you can use a foot of sonotube to just make what you’re doing look neater.

How many bags of concrete makes a yard?

On average, it will take 90 40lb bags, 60 60lb bags, or 45 80lb bags to fill one cubic yard of concrete.

How much weight can a concrete pier support?

Almost every installation manual states that a single 8” x 16” concrete block can carry 8,000 lbs. (just stay under 36″ high). So, your pier can be constructed with single blocks that can easily carry the 5,500 lbs. load (If you are installing a Clayton product, they limit a dry stack, single block pier to 5,760 lbs.).

Can you reuse concrete forms?

Reuse. You can purchase the plastic forms once, and reuse them for over 150 times. Wood forms can only be reused up to a maximum of 3 times. In other words, the reusable plastic concrete forms will save you money and time again.

What are concrete tubes called?

Form Tubes are a single cylindrical heavy-duty cardboard form designed to replace labor-intensive wood forms. It can be used for above or below grade applications for concrete footings, piers, and posts.

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Are Sonotubes waterproof?

Most sonotubes are impregnated with wax, so they are water resistant. They wouldn’t hold up to being submerged in water but for dew it should not be a problem. The other possibility is varnish or paint. A couple of coats should protect it from the casual moisture it will experince.

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