How To Make A Concrete Form Tube?

Are concrete form tubes reusable?

Made of 100% recyclable plastic, Geotubes plastic concrete form tubes are reusable for up to 100 castings. Tubes can be used for various applications in construction industry, including pouring concrete bases at bottom of light poles.

What are concrete tubes called?

Form Tubes are a single cylindrical heavy-duty cardboard form designed to replace labor-intensive wood forms. It can be used for above or below grade applications for concrete footings, piers, and posts.

What material is used for concrete forms?

Concrete Form Substrate Materials. Plywood, steel, aluminum, and composite materials are used for both vertical and horizontal forming systems as a substrate material. Located behind these panels are an array of strong-backs, whalers, and trusses that also are made from wood, steel, or aluminum.

How much concrete does it take to fill a tube?

For example, a sono tube with a 10″ diameter and a 4′ depth requires 0.08 cubic yards of concrete.

Are concrete tube forms waterproof?

No. Sonotube forms should not be used in standing water. However, Sonoco’s patented RainGuard® technology allows Sonotube concrete forms to withstand wet weather conditions for up to 24 hours. For maximum strength, Sonotube Commercial concrete forms can withstand wet weather for up to 72 hours.

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Can you reuse concrete forms?

Reuse. You can purchase the plastic forms once, and reuse them for over 150 times. Wood forms can only be reused up to a maximum of 3 times. In other words, the reusable plastic concrete forms will save you money and time again.

How do you remove forms from concrete tubing?

If forms are to be removed, do so within 24 hours. Cut the QUIK- TUBE™ with a sharp knife or power saw set to the correct cutting depth. Simply peel the form away from the concrete.

How many bags of concrete do I need for a 4×4 post?

Mix two 50lb bags of concrete with water in a mixing tub or 5-gallon bucket. Add concrete into the hole and around the 4” x 4”. Depending on your climate, let concrete set up for 24 – 48 hours.

What do you use for round concrete forms?

Plywood. Plywood can be used for large circles where the arc is wide and gentle. They can be scored on the back with cuts about 2/3 the depth of the board, spaced about every half inch along its length. This will increase the flexibility of the wood as the cut spaces will expand as pressure is applied to bow the board.

What is a concrete sonotube?

A heritage of trust

More than just paper tubes, Sonotube concrete forms stand strong as the most economical way to create round columns for buildings, entrance ways, structural columns, light posts and other commercial and residential structures.

Can I use plywood for concrete forms?

Plywood is economical to use for wall and floor forms; however, plywood used for this purpose should be made with waterproof glue and marked for use in concrete forms. Plywood is warp-resistant and can be used more often than other lumber. Watch for protruding nails.

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Can I use 2×4 for concrete forms?

Prior to placing concrete forms: Construct the form with 2×4 or 2×6 lumber and secure in place by wood stakes and deck screws. Excavate the slab area to a depth of about 7 inches, allowing 3 inches for a gravel base and 4 inches for concrete.

What do you use for flexible concrete forms?

Hardboard is inexpensive form material and is easy to flex into smooth curves. Hardboard siding is intended for exterior walls, but it’s also great stuff for forming curves because it’s flexible and cheap.

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