What are the Costs?

What determines the cost of a Haener Block mold?

With the Haener Two Block System, it is possible to use only one mold for the combination stretcher-corner-end block, with inserts included for making the half blocks when needed. The actual cost of the mold depends upon number of block cavities in the mold, and the capacity of the machine used, and are in line with costs for conventional block molds.

Is the cost of manufacturing Haener block substantially greater than conventional blocks?

No. The cost is essentially the same.

What are the major cost saving benefits to using Haener Block?

  • Haener Block can be laid up to 10 times faster than conventional block.
  • Lintels, door and window openings and columns can all be made using the Haener Block.
  • Labor costs can also be reduced with the inclusion of unskilled labor.
  • Mortarless- No mortar needed between blocks.
  • The use of heavy equipment is usually not necessary.
  • Both the mason and his helper are free to lay blocks, since there is no preparation of the wall with mortar.
  • Cavities for chasing are built into the block, so that there is no necessity for grinding; chasing can go continually around the system on the inside of the block.
  • Building site cleanup is kept to a minimum.