Readers ask: Fallout 4 Who Sells Concrete?

How do you pick up cinder blocks in Fallout 4?

Once you have claimed the settlement, just go into the workbench menu and highlight the cinder block to scrap it, and it will go right into the workbench inventory for you.

Who sells shipment of fiberglass Fallout 4?

Sold by Deb in Bunker Hill in shipments of 25.

Where can I buy stuff in Fallout 4?

You can find two shops in Goodneighbor. Daisy sells shipments of Adhesive, Circuitry, Crystal and Silver. Kleo sells shipments of Ballistic Fiber, Copper, Lead and Oil.

Where do I get crystal Fallout 4?


  • Trashcan Carla sells a shipment of 25.
  • Deb in Bunker Hill sells a shipment of 25.
  • Daisy at Daisy’s Discounts in Goodneighbor sells a shipment of 25.
  • The Institute contains many undamaged cameras and microscopes.
  • Jamaica Plain has many laser tripwires to disarm.

How do I scrap a house in Fallout 4?

Just enter Workshop mode, point your cursor towards the offending item until it’s highlighted in yellow and press X to scrap it.

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Who sells shipments of screws in Fallout 4?

You can find merchant wing to the right from the main entrance. Carla will sell a shipment of Screws. It contains 25 pieces of the material. Diamond City will be another place where you can buy a shipment.

Where is Rufus Rubins Fallout 4?

Rufus Rubins is the resident handyman and mechanic of Goodneighbor, living in the Hotel Rexford in 2287.

What items have lead in Fallout 4?


Original item Yield* Weight
40lb barbell 10 40
80lb barbell 20 80
80lb curlbar 20 80
160lb dumbbell 40 160

Who is the best trader in Fallout 4?

Lv4 Merchants:

  • Vault -Tec Rep (General) – Goodneighbor, Rexford Hotel.
  • Holt Combes (General) – Vault 81.
  • Trader Rylee (General) – Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery.
  • Anne Hargraves (Clothing) – WRVR Broadcast Station.
  • The Scribe (Armor) – Random Encounter.
  • Ron Staples (Food & Drink) – Random Encounter.

How do you farm fertilizer in Fallout 4?

If the Sole Survivor has a brahmin in an allied settlement, such as the one at Abernathy farm or purchasing one from Kelly, then fertilizer will be gathered at a rate of one per day and added to the workbench similar to excess purified water and scrap collected by settlers.

Where is trashcan Carla?

She can be found in Bunker Hill with the power armor right by her side. The Sole Survivor is then free to take the power armor without it being considered as a crime.

What is silver used for in Fallout 4?

A shiny, highly reflective metal used mainly for crafting various weapon modifications, namely night-vision scopes.

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How do I get screws in Fallout 4?


  1. Putting points into the Scrapper perk can yield a steady supply of screws and other uncommon components by scrapping found pipe weapons.
  2. Desk fans are generally the easiest way to acquire screws as they are found fairly commonly in urban areas.

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