FAQ: How To Remove Concrete Fence Post Base?

How do you remove concrete post footings?

Loosen the upper layer of soil around the outer edge of the concrete footing, using a digging bar. Remove the loose soil with a shovel or garden spade. Continue to loosen and remove the soil around the outer edge of the footing in stages as you work toward the bottom of the concrete footing.

Are concrete fence posts easy to remove?

Thinking a bit more about it, the easiest way to get mine out whole might have been to dig a hole/slot beside the post, tilt it into the hole then pivot/pull it up out of the ground over a log/fulcrum/roller at the end of the slot using the weight of the long post to counterbalance the concrete slug on the end.

Can you reuse fence posts with concrete?

Pulling up an existing fence post to reuse can be quite a task. Posts with concrete at the base are the most difficult to remove and reuse because the concrete base is larger than the post, which makes pulling it up through the ground much harder.

How do you straighten a concrete fence post without removing it?

The Fix -A- Fence Solution

  1. Step 1 – Prepare the Site.
  2. Step 2 – Prepare the Fix -a- Fence Kit.
  3. Step 3 – Position the Bracket in the Hole.
  4. Step 4 – Mix a 60lb Bag of Concrete.
  5. Step 5 – Fill the Hole with Concrete.
  6. Step 6 – Take a Break While the Concrete Cures.
  7. Step 7 – Reposition the Fence Post and Attach the Bracket.
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How do you replace a concrete fence post?

Dig a hole around 1 side of the fence post. With a shovel, break into the ground surrounding the fence post’s concrete base. Keep digging until you create a half-circle gap between the ground and concrete. If possible, dig a hole that is as deep as the concrete itself, giving the post as much wiggle room as possible.

How do you remove a broken 4×4 fence post?

Wrap a chain around the post and use a high lift jack to pull the post out. Screw lag bolts through a chain into the broken off fence post and then use a vehicle winch/come along/high lift jack to pull the post out. Dig down a few inches and screw into the side of the post to pry it out with a lever and fulcrum.

What is a post puller?

An electric vehicle having a powered drum for handling wire rope used to pull mine props after coal has been removed; used for the recovery of the timber.

Should I replace fence posts?

Depending on how badly they are damaged, some fence posts will pull right out of the ground. If the wood crumbles in your hands or the rot or termite damage covers more than about 30% of the post, you will need to replace the entire post.

Can you reuse old fence post holes?

Here is what I have done in that situation. Take a sledge, break the old concrete off the old post, save it, if the post is still good enough to reuse, great, use it. Also have a supply of more rubble ( broken concrete, stones, broken bricks, etc.)

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Can you reuse metal fence posts?

Whether the fence is over your property line, or maybe the fence was installed badly, you can actually pull chain link fence posts and reuse them. Just be sure to avoid damaging the posts if you try to remove the concrete anchor that holds them in place.

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