What are the advantages to using HAENER BLOCK?

  • The HAENER BLOCK is interlocking and mortarless, allowing it to be laid up to ten times faster than conventional block.
  • Since there are no undercuts it can be produced on conventional block machines, using conventional pallets, without alterations to the machine or production equipment.
  • Unskilled or semi-skilled labor can be used.
  • Aesthetically pleasing with its simulated mortar joint.
  • Production costs for the are the same as those for conventional blocks.
  • With no trowel, both hands can be used to speed the work.
  • Grouting can be pumped after dry stacking to desired height.
  • Mortar may be used as a first course if needed to assure a level footing.
  • Lintels, windows, columns, and door frames are formed using HAENER BLOCK.
  • Columns can be formed with HAENER BLOCK.
  • Little or no heavy equipment necessary on the job.
  • Comprises a concrete forming system with no expensive concrete forms.
  • Insulation materials can be used as required.
  • Job clutter (mixers, wheelbarrows, hawk boards, hoses) significantly reduced.
  • Keeps a wall system aligned without mortar.
  • Can be used in any part of the world, using available local materials.
  • Can be used for do-it- yourself projects.
  • Mortarless application eliminates Building Code cleanout requirements when solid grouted.
  • Grout strength is maximized through Haener’s interlocking cell structures.
  • No more hauling, stripping, maintaining and inventorying expensive concrete forms.
  • The ideal building block system to use with Surface Bonding Materials.
  • HAENER BLOCK can be produced in all stripping machines.